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1. A Quality-Controlled Dataset for Long-Term U.S. Snowfall Trends [NCAR_DS510.5]
NCDC's U.S. Cooperative Summary of Data (DSI3200) dataset was screened for stations with long continuous observations for use in assessing 20th-century U.S. snowfall trends. ...

2. CDIAC U.S. Historical Climatology Network (HCN) Daily Temperature, Precipitation, and Snow Observations for 1871-1997 [NCAR_DS511.0]
This dataset contains daily observations of maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and snow depth for 1062 observing stations in the lower 48 United States. ...

3. ERA-40 Global Land Surface Observation Feedback Record Reports [NCAR_DS476.0]
ERA-40 Global Land Surface Observation Feedback Record Reports include 3 hourly surface observation feedback record reports from SYNOP land observations used in the ECMWF 45-year ...

4. End-of-Day Temperature and Precipitation for Long-Period U.S. and Canadian Stations [NCAR_DS522.0]
Daily maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation amount are available for 497 U.S. and Canadian stations, which were extracted from other DSS datasets because of their ...

5. Global Historical Climatology Net (GHCN) Version 2 Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure [NCAR_DS564.0]
The Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) is a comprehensive global surface baseline climate data set designed for monitoring and detecting climate change. Comprised ...

6. NSIDC Daily Precipitation Totals at Coastal and Island Russian Arctic Stations, 1940-1990 [NCAR_DS488.0]
"This data set contains precipitation data originally recorded in log books at 65 coastal and island meteorological stations, and later digitized at the Arctic and Antarctic ...

7. Met Office - Historical Central England Temperature Data [BADC_CENTRAL_UK_TEMPS]
Information about obtaining this data set is on the BADC Home Page. Link to These daily and monthly temperatures are representative ...

8. ADAPTE: Minimum and Maximum Temperature and Relative Humidity for Latin American Cities Data [NCAR_DS871.0]
Temperature data classified as maximum, mean, and minimum temperature and relative humidity measures from the meteorological station located at the regional airport in Bogota and Buenos ...

9. AWS TD13 Global Surface Observations, daily 1901-1973 [NCAR_DS467.0]
Global synoptic surface observations from the Air Weather Service for 1901-1973, called "Tape Deck 13" because it is the combination of multiple card decks (datasets), conversion to a standard ...

10. Amos Eddy's U.S. Surface Analyses, daily 1881-1985 [NCAR_DS508.0]
Daily Tmin, Tmax, Precip data for 1881-1985, interpolated to fill missing intervals. Prepared by the Oklahoma Climatological Survey under the direction of Amos Eddy. Long term averages ...

11. Australia Precipitation, Daily and Monthly from January 1832 to February 1983 [NCAR_DS482.0]
This dataset contains daily and monthly precipitation data for Australian stations. The general period of record is January 1832 to February 1983, but the actual periods vary by individual ...

12. Australia Summary of Day and Surface Observations, 1939(1957)-1982 [NCAR_DS523.0]
This dataset contains hourly observations and summary of day information from Australian observing stations generally from 1957 to 1982, but some data go back as far as 1939.

13. Batelle's Wind Energy Summaries, various stations [NCAR_DS816.0]
Statistical data from a world-wide wind energy resource assessment is provided for a selection of stations in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the ...

14. Brazilian Air Force Rawinsondes and Pibals, January 1950-November 1986 [NCAR_DS394.1]
NCDC has provided rawinsonde data for eleven Brazilian stations and pibal data for thirty stations for the general period January 1950 to November 1986. The actual period, however, varies widely ...

15. CAC Monthly Pacific Island Precipitation [NCAR_DS573.0]
This dataset contains monthly mean rainfall amounts from Malaysia, islands in the central Pacific Ocean, and Hawaii.

16. CAC TD9643 U.S. Station Temperature and Precipitation, monthly 1981-1983 [NCAR_DS570.3]
Monthly temperature and precipitation for U.S. stations for 1981 to 1983 from the Climate Analysis Center (CAC).

17. CDIAC U.S. Historical Sunshine Observations, 1891-1984 [NCAR_DS565.1]
This dataset contains sunshine data for 240 U.S. stations (including Puerto Rico and nine Pacific islands) for the years from 1891 to 1984. The periods of record for individual stations ...

18. CPC Global Summary of Day/Month Observations, 1979-continuing [NCAR_DS512.0]
This global summary of the day and month data set is obtained on a delayed monthly basis from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). CPC extracts ...

19. Canada Summary of Day, 1840-1991 [NCAR_DS516.2]
This version is the merge of ds516.0 [] and ds516.1 []. Duplicate reports have been eliminated. Conflicting reports have been saved in a separate file. Bad reports have been saved in a separate file.

20. Canada Summary of Day, 1890-1979 [NCAR_DS516.0]
First version of set. Combined with ds516.1 [], a later version, to create ds516.2 [], the preferred set to use.

21. Canada Summary of Day, selected stations, 1840-1991 [NCAR_DS516.1]
A later version of the set. Combined with ds516.0 [] to create ds516.2 [], the preferred set to use.

22. Canadian Hourly Surface Data Subset, 1947-1973 [NCAR_DS487.0]
This dataset, provided by the Meteorological Service of Canada, contains a subset of their hourly station data archive.

23. Canadian Monthly Station Temperature and Precipitation [NCAR_DS576.0]
This dataset contains monthly temperature and precipitation data for Canadian surface stations through 1989. The period of record for individual stations varies widely, but some stations ...

24. Canadian Surface Observations, daily 1963jan-1976dec, 95 stations [NCAR_DS469.0]
This dataset contains daily surface observations from ninety-five Canadian stations from January 1963 to December 1976.

25. Central England Temperatures, Manley, 1659-1995 [NCAR_DS825.0]
This dataset contains a long time series of temperature for central England. Monthly mean temperatures are available from January 1659, and daily mean temperatures begin in January 1772. Both daily ...

26. China Daily Precipitation and Monthly Soil Temperature, 1951-1991 [NCAR_DS485.0]
Daily station precipitation and monthly soil temperature from China,180 stations. Prepared by China under exchange agreements.

27. China Monthly Station Maximum/minimum Temperature and Precipitation, 1965-1975, for 89 stations [NCAR_DS578.3]
This dataset contains monthly precipitation and maximum and minimum temperature data for 89 Chinese stations for 1965 to 1975.

28. China Monthly Station Precipitation and Temperature, 1951-1984, for 50 stns [NCAR_DS578.2]
This dataset contains monthly temperature and precipitation data for Chinese stations for 1951 to 1984.

29. China Monthly Station Precipitation and Temperature, 1951-2000 [NCAR_DS578.1]
Monthly mean surface temperature (deg C) and monthly accumulated precipitation (mm) from 160 land stations in China from 1951 to 2000. This data comes from the Institute of Atmospheric ...

30. China Monthly Station Precipitation, 1951-1980 [NCAR_DS578.0]
This dataset contains monthly precipitation amounts for Chinese stations for 1951 to 1980.

31. China Summary of Day 1979May-Sep [NCAR_DS514.0]
Summary of day for 78 Chinese stations For FGGE.

32. Daily Argentina Time Series Radiosonde Observations, 1958-1991 [NCAR_DS394.0]
Argentina has provided upper air soundings for twenty stations for the general period 1958-1991, but the actual period varies by station.

33. Daily Minimum and Maximum Temperature and Precipitation for Long Term Stations from the U.S. COOP Data [NCAR_DS510.6]
Daily minimum and maximum temperature and precipitation have been extracted for long term stations from the U.S. COOP station network. The data has been extracted for the period 1950 ...

34. Daily Rawinsondes from San Cristobal Island (Galapagos), December 1990-December 1998 [NCAR_DS401.0]
Daily rawinsonde data for San Cristobal Island (Galapagos) were keyed from the original hardcopy forms as part of NCDC's Climate Modernization Database Program and then sent to DSS for ...

35. Daily and Monthly Texas Surface Observations, 1898-1975 [NCAR_DS510.2]
Daily and monthly surface observations for Texas stations for January 1898 to December 1975.

36. Denver, CO and Buckley U.S.A.F. Surface Observations, hourly 1948-1972 [NCAR_DS491.0]
This dataset contains hourly surface observations from the Denver, Colorado and Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado observing stations. These data were provided to DSS by the U.S.A.F.

37. ERA-40 Global Upper Air Radiosonde Observation Feedback Record Reports [NCAR_DS366.0]
ERA-40 Global Upper Air Radiosonde Observation Feedback Record Reports include 6 hourly upper air radiosonde observation (RAOB) feedback record reports from RAOBs used in the ECMWF 45-year ...

38. Extended Edited Synoptic Cloud Reports Archive (EECRA) from Ships and Land Stations Over the Globe [NCAR_DS292.2]
EECRA contains surface synoptic weather reports for the entire globe, gathered from various available data sets. The reports were processed, edited, and rewritten to provide a single dataset ...

39. Flow Rates of World Rivers (excluding former Soviet Union countries) [NCAR_DS552.0]
Monthly river flow rate data for most of the globe except former Soviet Union countries, which can be found in ds553.1 []. This compilation was prepared ...

40. GARP Global Upper Air and Surface Observations for June 1970 [NCAR_DS600.0]
This Global Atmospheric Research Programme (GARP) dataset was compiled from observations received operationally at the National Meteorological Center (NMC) and the Environmental Technical ...

41. GATE ASECNA African Daily Precipitation for 1974 [NCAR_DS515.0]
This dataset contains daily precipitation data for 1974 for stations in several African countries. These data were provided by ASECNA (Agency for Air Traffic Safety in Africa and Madagascar) ...

42. GATE Global Upper Air and Surface Observations, 1974Jun-Sep [NCAR_DS388.0]
Data collected during the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment.

43. GFDL Monthly Mean Radiosonde Observation Data by Bram Oort. [NCAR_DS431.0]
Monthly mean sounding data at 00Z, 06Z, 12Z and 18Z for various stations in the global radiosonde network for May 1958 to December 1989.

44. Garcia and Hamilton's Batavia (Djakarta) Pressure Observations, hourly 1866-1944 [NCAR_DS490.0]
Hourly barometric measurements at the Dutch Royal Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory at Batavia (Djakarta), keypunched in a project by Kevin Hamilton (McGill University) and Rolando ...

45. Global (but spotty non-U.S.) Monthly Mean Radiosonde Observations, 1950-continuing [NCAR_DS430.0]
Upper air data from the Monthly Climatic Data for the World, obtained from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).

46. Global Level IIb Upper Air and Surface Observations for FGGE, 1978Nov-1979 [NCAR_DS354.0]
DSS obtained this data, after errors were corrected in the original data.

47. Global Monthly Streamflow Time Series [NCAR_DS556.0]
Copy of CD - Global Streamflow Time Series, v.1.0 (a global hydro-climatic data network) Michael Dettinger (USGS) and Henry Diaz (CDC) (Journal of Hydrometeorology, I(4), 289-310, August ...

48. Global Time Series Radiosonde Observations, daily 1948-con [NCAR_DS390.0]
Sounding data collected from various areas of the world including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and United Kingdom. ...

49. Harnack's South American Precipitation, monthly 1891-1983 [NCAR_DS572.0]
Monthly precipitation for South American stations for 1891 to 1983.

50. Historical Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) Global Observational Data, May 2003 - current [NCAR_DS336.0]
Historical Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) Global Observational Data are derived from real-time Global Telecommunications System (GTS) reports distributed via the Unidata Internet Data Distribution ...

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