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1. Orbit Track Nitric Oxide Density Profiles from the Solar Mesosphere Explorer (SME) [81-100A-01FG]
The SME orbit track nitric oxide data sets were derived from radiance measurements made by the UV ozone spectrometer at 2650.7 and 2964.3 Ang. The nitric oxide densities are given on altitude surfaces ...

2. Radiances, Oribital Ozone, and Daily and Monthly Averaged Ozone Mixing Ratio Profiles from the Solar Mesosphere Explorer (SME) [81-100A]
The SME ozone data consists of radiances and ozone mixing ratios measured by two instruments: the ultraviolet ozone spectrometer and the near-infrared (airglow) spectrometer; covering December 1981 ...

3. Studies on Atmospheric Ozone from Belgrano and Marambio Stations in Antarctica, and Ushuaia, Argentina [JCADM_CDA_DNA_OZONE]
Formation and evolution of the ozone hole are studied by using information obtained at the Belgrano, Marambio Stations and Ushuaia city, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. Brewer, Dobson and EVA spectrophotometers ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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