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1. CAMEX-4 Dual-Beam UV-Absorption Ozone Photometer [c4eo3p]
Ozone is measured in situ using a photometer consisting of a mercury lamp, two sample chambers that can be peridically scrubbed of ozone, and two detectors that measure the ...

2. Ozone Concentration in the Lower Troposphere [JP_ANTARCTICA_SURFACE_O3]
Ozone concentration in the lower troposphere observed on board ice breaker "SHIRASE". Ozone concentration has been measured by DASIBI Ozone meter.

3. EPA Ozone Atlas [EPA_OZONE_ATLAS]
The EPA Ozone Atlas provides 1-hour ambient air ozone data collected in Region 6 ( Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.) over the past ten years. Ozone is ...

4. Annual and Seasonal Global Variation in Total Ozone and Layer - Mean Ozone, 1958-1989, CDIAC NDP-023/R1 [CDIAC_NDP23]
This package contains seasonal and annual total ozone variations and layer mean ozone variations expressed as a percent deviations from the 1958-1977 mean. The total ozone variations were derived ...

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