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1. DACS dataset (SMO NEMO-SN1 DACS @ 1 Hz) from INGV/NEMO-SN1 seafloor platform, SMO project 2012-on going - Western Ionian Sea site (East Sicily) EMSO network [moist.emso.western_ionian_sea.smo.2012.nemo-sn1.dacs.46]   PARENT METADATA
The Data Acquisition and Control System is the set of hardware used to acquire and transfer to shore scientific data. It provides power to all the underwater instrumentation.

2. Subsonic Assessment: Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide Experiment (SONEX) Data Archive [NASA_ARC_SONEX]
SONEX was conducted to understand a variety of NOx sources including the current subsonic aircraft fleet in the North Atlantic, with and without convection. To improve the models and our understanding, ...

3. TRMM Kwajalein Experiment (KWJAEX) Quick-Look Data [NASA_ARC_KWAJEX]
The Kwajalein Experiment, KWAJEX, is part of the Tropical Rain Measurement Mission, TRMM, whose goals include providing Ground Validation, GV, for instruments onboard the TRMM satelite launched in ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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