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1. Glaciological Studies on Vega Island [CDA_AR_GEO_GLAF_VEGA_ISLAND]
Field activities for the 1999/2000 summer campaign: Glaciology Group: a) Stake network surveying and computation of net balamce, ice velocities and ice deformation in selected places of Vega Island, ...

2. Studies on Atmospheric Ozone from Belgrano and Marambio Stations in Antarctica, and Ushuaia, Argentina [JCADM_CDA_DNA_OZONE]
Formation and evolution of the ozone hole are studied by using information obtained at the Belgrano, Marambio Stations and Ushuaia city, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. Brewer, Dobson and EVA spectrophotometers ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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