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1. R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer NBP0401 - Neotectonic Structure of Terror Rift, Western Ross Sea [NBP0401]   PARENT DIF
The NSF-supported research icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer operates year-round in support of the U.S. Antarctic Program, carrying out global change studies in biological, chemical, physical, and oceanographic ...

2. Core and Borehole Fractures from the Cape Roberts Drilling Project, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Transantarctic Mountains Front Stress Field History [CRP_Frac]
Natural and drilling-induced fractures in core, and fractures in borehole walls, were logged from three Cape Roberts Project drillholes located in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica. Core ...

3. TAMDEF: Transantarctic Mountains Deformation Network, GPS Measurements of Rock and Ice Motions in South Victoria Land, Antarctica [TAMDEF]
The TAMDEF (TransAntarctic DEFormation) GPS network consists of an array of 25 primary sites located in the Transantarctic Mountains of southern Victoria Land and on islands in the adjacent ...

4. TAMDEF Transantarctic Mountains GPS Deformation Network [0230285]
TAMDEF (Transantarctic Mountains GPS Deformation Network) project campaign GPS data collected at sites in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica, during the time periods November, 2003 - January, 2004; ...

5. Neotectonic Structure of Terror Rift, Western Ross Sea [NSF-ANT01-25624]
This award, provided by the Antarctic Geology and Geophysics Program of the Office of Polar Programs, provides funds for a study to investigate the tectonic development of the southwestern Ross Sea ...

6. TAMARA Aeromagnetic Measurements and Ancillary Geologic Databases, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica [tamara_osu]
The TAMARA (Transantarctic Mountains Aerogeophysical Research Activities) program acquired aeromagnetic measurements from a helicopter-towed magnetometer with coordinates (latitude, longitude, height) ...

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