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1. England and Wales Area-Average Precipitation Amount, in CDIAC, Trends '93 [CDIAC_ENGLAND_PRECIP_TRENDS]
Area-average precipitation amount for England and Wales has been analyzed using homogeneous precipitation records compiled by Tabony (1980) for 55 stations for the period 1861-1970 and Wigley et al. ...

2. Global and Hemispheric Annual Temperature Variations Between 1854 and 1991, CDIAC NDP-022/R2 [CDIAC_NDP22]
Global and hemispheric annual temperature variations are presented for 1854-1991 based on both land and marine data. Land data are based on meteorological data and fixed-position weather ship data ...

3. Global and Hemispheric Temperature Anomalies - Land and Marine Instrumental Records, 1856-2000, in CDIAC/Trends [CDIAC_JONES_TEMPS_TRENDS]
[Summary adopted from the online documentation at: ""] These temperature time series are derived from an update and expansion of the corrected ...

4. Monthly Mean Pressure Reconstructions for Europe (1780-1980) and North America (1858-1980), CDIAC NDP-025 [CDIAC_NDP25]
This package contains monthly grid-point pressure data for Europe (1780-1980) and for North America (1858-1980). Some of the data are reconstructed values calculated using a principal components ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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