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1. QuakeSim Tool for Generating a KML Movie of Earthquakes [kml_movie_earthquakes]   PARENT SERF
The QuakeSim Tool for Generating a KML Movie of Earthquakes allows users to click on the map to select your region of interest, then click "Fetch ANSS Catalog". This process then generates a KML. ...

2. Elastic Forward Fault Model [quakesim_effm]   PARENT SERF
The Elastic Forward Fault Model computes surface deformations for a point source or finite source using Okada's method (Okada, Yoshimitsu, Surface Deformation Due To Shear and Tensile Faults in a ...

3. LOS Profile Plotter [los_profile_plotter]   PARENT SERF
The LOS Profile Plotter plots line of site ground range changes for a user selected profile across a UAVSAR repeat pass interferometry product.

4. Moment Magnitude Calculator [moment_magnitude_calculator]   PARENT SERF
The Moment Magnitude Calculator calculates the moment magnitude. Moment magnitude provides the magnitude of an earthquake that corresponds roughly to the older Richter scale. Moment magnitude relates ...

5. QuakeSim - Simulation and Analysis Tool for Studying the Physics of Earthquakes [NASA_JPL_quakesim]   CHILD SERFs
In order to develop a solid Earth science framework for understanding and studying active tectonic and earthquake processes, we are developing simulation and analysis tools to study the physics of ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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