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1. Blended 6-Hourly Sea Surface Wind Vectors and Wind Stress on a Global 0.25 Degree Grid (1987-2011) [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00842]
The Blended Global Sea Surface Winds products contain ocean surface wind vectors and wind stress on a global 0.25 degree grid, in multiple time resolutions of 6-hourly and monthly, with an 11-year ...

2. NSCAT/NCEP Blended Ocean Winds (Version 1.0) [NCAR_DS744.6]
Ocean surface wind vector components and wind stress curl data products are derived from spatial blending of high-resolution satellite data (NASA Scatterometer - NSCAT) and ...

3. QSCAT/NCEP Blended Ocean Winds from Colorado Research Associates (version 5.0) [NCAR_DS744.4]
Ocean surface wind data are derived from spatial blending of high-resolution satellite data (SeaWinds instrument on the QuikSCAT satellite - QSCAT) and global weather center ...

4. Climatological Mean Global Wind Stress and Curl, by Harrison et al. [NCAR_DS232.1]
A monthly mean climatological wind stress was derived from the National Climate Center TDF-11 ocean observations. The dataset was derived in 1989 using the Large and Pond algorithm ...

5. GFDL Climate Model Outputs for Carbon Dioxide Studies [NCAR_DS318.1]
This dataset contains model outputs from climate models at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL). The various model runs were made in 1989 (with one rerun in 1991). ...

6. Tropical Marine Climatic Atlas, by Sadler [NCAR_DS272.0]
Monthly Climatology based on 1900-1979 COADS 2x2 degree monthly summary data, and in the case of surface pressure the NCAR 5x5 long term climatology.

7. United Kingdom Climate Model Outputs for Carbon Dioxide Studies [NCAR_DS318.2]
This dataset contains model outputs from climate models that were run by the United Kingdom Met Office in 1986, 1990, and 1992. The 1986 low-resolution equilibrium runs ...

8. ESA ERS-1 and ERS-2 Scatterometer Ocean Surface Winds [NCAR_DS744.0]
There are several products available in this dataset. * Wind direction and speed derived by JPL from the scatterometer instrument aboard the ERS-1 and ERS-2 satellites. These along ...

9. Monthly SEASAT Wind Stress Analyses, by Chelton [NCAR_DS726.1]
Wind Stress derived from SEASAT by Dudley Chelton.

10. QSCAT and ADEOS-II / NCEP Blended Ocean Winds (version 1.0) [NCAR_DS744.8]
Ocean surface wind data are derived from spatial blending of high-resolution satellite data from tandem SeaWinds missions (QSCAT and ADEOS-II) and global weather center analyses ...

11. ICOADS Input Data Sources [NCAR_DS539.5]
This dataset is comprised of various input datasets used to develop ICOADS. Some files are in original native format and other are in the ICOADS binary formats. Note, these ...

12. International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) Release 2.5, Monthly Summaries [NCAR_DS540.1]
The International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) is a global ocean marine meteorological and surface ocean dataset. It is formed by merging many national ...

13. ECMWF FGGE T63 Tropospheric, Surface and Tendency Analyses, daily 1979 [NCAR_DS307.9]
ECMWF tropospheric surface and tendency analyses on a global grid with T63 resolution.

14. GFDL Global Analyses for FGGE, SOP 1 and 2, 1978Dec-1979Nov [NCAR_DS308.0]
This dataset contains global analyses of tropospheric geopotential height, temperature, winds, relative humidity, and vertical motion from the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory ...

15. NCEP ODAS Tropical Pacific Ocean Monthly Analyses [NCAR_DS277.1]
Monthly average fields derived from weekly analysis using the NCEP Ocean-Data Assimilation System (ODAS).

16. Pacific Sea Surface Temperature and Wind Analyses, by Rasmussen and Carpenter [NCAR_DS274.0]
Tropical Pacific Ocean monthly grids and climatology of SST and wind.

17. FSU/COAPS Pacific and Indian Ocean Monthly Pseudo-Wind Stress [NCAR_DS230.0]
Ship and buoy observed winds are used at FSU/COAPS to produce objectively analyzed grids of pseudo-wind stress for the tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean. Note: ...

18. Global Ocean Heat Flux and Wind Stress, climatology, OSU/CRI, by Esbensen et al. [NCAR_DS209.0]
Based on 1850-1974 data.

19. Global Ocean Wind Stress, climatology, by Hellerman et al. [NCAR_DS232.0]
This is a 12 month wind stress climatology derived from ocean surface wind observations, 1870-1976.

20. Scatterometer Climatology of Ocean Winds (SCOW), by Risien et al. [NCAR_DS232.2]
This dataset consists of twelve variables for global seasonal cycles of the wind and wind stress fields estimated from the 10-year record (September 1999 - October 2009) of ...

21. Tropical Pacific Wind Stress, climatology and monthly, by Wyrtki [NCAR_DS231.0]
Tropical Pacific Ocean Wind And Wind Stress

22. Wave and Anemometer-based Sea Surface Wind (WASWind) [NCAR_DS232.3]
Ship-based measurements of sea surface wind speed displays a spurious upward trend due to increases in anemometer height. To correct this bias, we construct a new sea surface ...

23. ECMWF Re-analysis Advanced Global Supplementary Fields, January 1979 to December 1993 [NCAR_DS115.5]
This dataset contains high resolution supplementary grids from the ECMWF reanalysis project. The grids are all on a reduced gaussian (N80) grid with an approximate resolution ...

24. ECMWF Re-analysis Basic level III global supplementary fields [NCAR_DS115.2]
This dataset contains the supplementary fields from the ECMWF 15 year reanalysis project. All fields are on a 2.5 degree latitude-longitude grid and are accumulations derived ...

25. ECMWF TOGA Global Extension Fields, 1991-2010 [NCAR_DS111.6]
This dataset contains various output grids from the ECMWF operational model. All of the grids are on a gaussian (N80) grid with a resolution of approximately 1.125 degrees ...

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