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1. Phytoplankton and hydrological succession in Omega and Taynaya Bays, eastern Antarctica [ASAC_2146]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 2146 See the link below for public details on this project. From the abstracts of the referenced papers: Early season phytoplankton communities in both ...

2. Comparative study of processes controlling carbon export in Southern Ocean environments characterised by a different hydrodynamical and ecological functioning [ASAC_1343]
Preliminary Metadata record for data expected from ASAC Project 1343 See the link below for public details on this project. Comparative study of the processes controlling carbon export in Southern ...

3. Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing at Windless Bight [NSIDC-0604]
Fiber-optic equipped moorings for Raman backscatter Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) were installed at Windless Bight, Antarctica in November 2011. Continuous-in-space measurements of temperature ...

4. Collaborative Research: TRacing the fate of Algal Carbon Export in the Ross Sea (TRACERS) [NSF-ANT11-42117]
Sinking particles are a major element of the biological pump and they are commonly assigned to two fates: mineralization in the water column and accumulation at the seafloor. However, there is another ...

5. Historical Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) Gridded Model Data, December 2002 - current [NCAR_DS335.0]
Historical Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) Gridded Model Data are obtained via the Unidata Internet Data Distribution System (IDD). Data includes gridded analyses ...

6. CODAR Real time Long range vector fields [ocean5_rutgers]
CODAR is used to measure the surface currents of the coastal ocean. A transmitter sends out a radio frequency that bounces off the ocean surface and back to a receiver antenna. Using this information ...

7. CTD profiling data, observations made during 4 cruises, to the continental margin west of the Antarctic Peninsula, 2001-2003, GLOBEC. [ctd_cruise_SO]
These CTD data files were collected on most cruises. The raw and processed data were placed on CD-ROMs, usually in zipped and/or tar'ed form, and provided to the participants and the Data Management ...

8. Chlorophyll-a concentrations, derived from acetone extractions, 1995-96, Georges Bank region, GLOBEC. [chloro_bottle_GB]
Near surface CTD rosette water bottles are sampled and filtered using 5 and 20 micron mesh sizes for chlorophyll-a acetone extractions. Sampling was performed on 12 cruises ...

9. GFDL MOM Climatological Ocean Initialization Analyses [NCAR_DS287.0]
Formatted and Unformatted data archive used to create initialization grids for the GFDL MOM model.

10. Georges Bank long-term drifter data, 1995-1999, GLOBEC [drifter_GB]
Satellite tracked drifters with holey sock drogues centered at 10 and 40m depths were deployed during 1995-99 to monitor the seasonal patterns of near-surface circulation over ...

11. Georges Bank moored array, ST2, instrumented with CTD, temperature and current meter units, Feb - Aug 1995, GLOBEC [st2mooring_gb]
In support of a Georges Bank Stratification Study, an array of instruments (ST2) was deployed and moored at 40 57.35N 67 37.59W in 69 meters of water. The mooring ...

12. Global Oceanographic Data Set Atlas, climatologies, by Samuels and Cox GFDL [NCAR_DS279.0]
Samuel and Cox (GFDL) took 15 commonly used data sets for ocean models and put them on a uniform 1x1 degree grid. Original data sources include Levitus, Hellerman, Esbensen ...

13. Polar Science Center Hydrographic Climatology (PHC) [NCAR_DS285.2]
The climatology provides temperature and salinity data at 1X1 degree intervals for all the earth's oceans, down to a depth of 5500m, at incremental depths identical to those ...

14. Temperature microstructure and velocity turbulence data collected using an EPSONDE unit, Georges Bank, 1995, GLOBEC. [microstruct_GB]
On two cruises to Georges Bank, April-June 1995, water column microstructure data was collected using the free-fall EPSONDE profiler. The profiler measures temperature microstructure, ...

15. The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Global Hydrographic Climatology [NCAR_DS285.4]
The WOCE Global Hydrographic Climatology has been derived using World Ocean Data 1998 (WOD98), described in dataset ds285.0 [], ...

16. Joe Reid's (Scripps) NODC Deep Ocean Station Profiles [NCAR_DS543.0]
High quality global ocean profile stations. Specially selected surface to bottom profiles intended for global ocean circulation studies. Approx. 12000 stations.

17. NODC Oceanographic Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) [NCAR_DS542.0]
Observed vertical profiles of temperature from the worlds ocean.

18. NODC Oceanographic Mechanical Bathythermograph (MBT) [NCAR_DS542.1]
Vertical temperature profiles of the ocean upper layer.

19. NODC Oceanographic Station Data (OSD) [NCAR_DS542.2]
Ocean profile data of temperature, salinity, and nutrients

20. NODC Selected Level Expendable Bathythermograph (SBT) Data [NCAR_DS542.4]
Expendable bathythermograph profiles at selected depth levels - instead of inflection points, or 5 meter intervals

21. TOGA/COARE Large Scale Ocean Data [NCAR_DS606.4]
This dataset contains large scale ocean data obtained during TOGA COARE.

22. TOGA/COARE Ocean Mixing Data [NCAR_DS606.5]
This dataset contains ocean mixing data obtained during TOGA COARE. For other TOGA COARE data archives, see the UCAR/EOL TOGA COARE Project Page [], ...

23. Woods Hole Position Lotus Current Meter [NCAR_DS546.0]
Long time series of current meter data from 34N 70W in the North Atlantic, position designation Lotus, by WHOI

24. Global temperature and salinity climatology, by Bauer and Robinson. [NCAR_DS278.0]
Historical data archives from NUC and NODC were combined to form monthly and annual grid of subsurface ocean temperature and salinity.

25. Mean hydrographic analyses of the North Atlantic, by Fukumori [NCAR_DS286.0]
Hydrography analysis for the North Atlantic ocean including temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, nitrate, and silicate. Based on data from 1981-1985.

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