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1. SGA and BHC Grid Strain and Accumulation Measurements, Law Dome 1981-82 [strain_grid_lawdome_1981]
Raw measurements of the SGA and BHC strain/accumulation grids on Law Dome in 1981/82. The hard copy of this document has been archived at the Australian Antarctic Division.

2. Strain grid measurements from sites BHD and SGF, Law Dome 1977 [strain_grid_lawdome_1977]
Details of the setup and measurements made from strain grids located near sites BHD and SGF on Law Dome in 1977. The hard copy of this document has been archived at the Australian Antarctic Division.

3. Casey Ice Coring Program - Operations and Data Report, 1979 [casey_ice_coring_1979]
A handwritten copy of the 1979 report on ice core drilling on Law Dome (final draft?) Includes detailed notes on methods and equipment, as well as data for inclination, temperature and diameters of ...

4. Wilkes Ice Cap Project 1967, Elevation and Ice Thickness Profiling (Thesis) [wilkes_ice_cap_thesis_1967]
A masters thesis, written by David Carter, that was a detailed study of the Wilkes Ice Cap (now Law Dome) work that had been done in the 1960s up to and including the 1967 field season. It includes ...

5. Glaciology Data Report, Casey 1981 [glacio_data_report_1981_casey]
A collection of the data from the 1981 Glaciology program at Casey, collected from several inland traverses. Measurements include accumulation and density, barometric profiling, ice movement, gravity, ...

6. Pine Island Glacier (Antarctica) velocities from Landsat7 images between 2001 and 2011 [pine_island_glacier_vel]
Velocities for the Pine Island Glacier are derived using correlation analysis, using the IMCORR software package (Scambos and others, 1992) modified as discussed in Warner and Roberts (2013), applied ...

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