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1. Historical Meteorological and Climatological Data for Locations in the Caribbean Area [1899-1999] [NOAA_NCL_CARIBBEAN_AREA]
Climatological data for locations in the Caribbean Area [1899-1999] from the NOAA Central Library Climate Data Imaging Project. The publications shown below contains data for various locations in ...

2. IAI-Science-ISP-3-030-Applications of Multiple Lead-Time Climate Predictions in the Region of Central America and the Caribbean [IAIDIS522]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset refers to the Final Report of the ISP round III project number 030, which has the name "Applications of multiple lead-time predictions in the region of Central America and the Caribbean". ...

3. Soil and Terrain Database for Latin America and the Caribbean (version 2.0) - scale 1:5 million (SOTERLAC) [ISRIC_SOTERLAC_primary_ver2]
The Soil and Terrain database for Latin America and the Caribbean (SOTERLAC), version 2.0, at scale 1:5 million, replaces version 1.02. The update includes changes in the GIS file and in the attributes ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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