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1. African Geographic Mosaic (GIS Coverage) [ES_GEO_COVER_AFRICA]
This low bandwidth example of the Landsat TM image mosaic service that will be provided by Earth Satellite Corporation over ESRI's Geographic Network. This particular service consists ...

2. Multibeam collection for EW9403: Multibeam data collected aboard Maurice Ewing from 1994-03-21 to 1994-03-27, departing from Cayenne, French Guiana and returning to Martinique [gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.multibeam.EW9403_Multibeam]   PARENT METADATA
This data set is part of a larger set of data called the MultiBeam Bathymetric Data Base (MBBDB) where other similar data can be found at

3. Soil and Terrain Database for Latin America and the Caribbean (version 2.0) - scale 1:5 million (SOTERLAC) [ISRIC_SOTERLAC_primary_ver2]
The Soil and Terrain database for Latin America and the Caribbean (SOTERLAC), version 2.0, at scale 1:5 million, replaces version 1.02. The update includes changes in the GIS file and in the attributes ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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