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1. Measured concentrations of ozone depleting substances [EEA_OZONE_SUBSTANCES]
This data set contains measured concentrations of ozone depleting substances throughout Europe.

2. Agricultural Statistics of the European Community, 1960-1985 [USDA0026]
The Agricultural Statistics of the European Community, 1960-1985 contains extensive time series data on European Community agricultural economics. This includes macroeconomics data such as population, ...

3. Cloud-Free Satellite Image Mosaic of Europe [Canada_WorldSat_EuropeMosaic]
WorldSat International Inc., in conjunction with Metria Satellus, has completed a cloud-free satellite image mosaic of Europe (excluding Russia), at a resolution designed for work at scales of up ...

4. Database on Forest Research Capacities in 18 European Countries [EFI_FORC]
The database on Forest Research Capacities in 18 European Counties provides a detailed forest inventory for most of Europe. This database has been provided by COST who has contracted the European ...

5. Forest Scenario Modelling [EFI_EFRA_Model]
The European Forest Information Scenario Model (EFISCEN) is a forest resource model. It is used to gain insight into the future development of European forests in issues as sustainable management ...

6. Global Production of Ozone Depleting Substances [EEA_OZONE_GLOBAL]
This data set contains the global production of ozone depleting substances including a alternative fluorocarbon environmental acceptability study, production, sales and atmospheric release ...

7. Level of ozone depleting substances in the troposphere and level of effective Chlorine in the Stratosphere [EEA_OZONE_CHLORINE]
This data set describes the levels ozone depleting substances that exists in the troposphere as well as levels of effective chlorine in the stratosphere.

8. NASA JSC Crew Earth Observations (CEO) Astronaut Photography [JSC_CEO_ESRS_ASTRONAUT_PHOTOGRAPHY]   CHILD METADATA
In Crew Earth Observations (CEO), crew members on the International Space Station (ISS) photograph the Earth from their unique point of view in low Earth orbit. Photographs record how the planet is ...

9. Soil Types for Europe [EEA_SOIL_TYPE]
Corine European soil database version 2. The soil units of Europe at a scale of 1:1.000.000 were digitized during the CORINE project. Information from archives of national soils information was subsequently ...

Showing 1 through 9 of 9
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