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1. Proposed Drill Site: Ross-Amundsen Ice Divide, West Antarctica [Western_Divide_WAIS_Icecores_Site_Selection]
Proposed drill site near the Ross-Amundsen ice divide, West Antarctica Describes conditions near the Ross-Amundsen ice divide, and discusses candidate drill sites ...

2. Aeromagnetic Survey - Local Data [94447955166780]
The acquistion in 1973 of an aeromagnetic system enabled the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to initiate a systematic geophysical survey. In addition to a regional survey, areas of specific local geological ...

3. Aeromagnetic Survey - Regional Data [94421633457375]
The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) began regional aeromagnetic surveys over the Antarctic Peninsula in 1973. The first four seasons up to 1980, together with supplementary data from subsequent seasons, ...

4. Continuous measurements of MSA in the ITASE01_5 core [MSA_ITASE01_5]
The data set consists of high resolution measurements of methanesulfonate (MSA) in the ITASE01_5 ice core in West Antarctica. Measurements correspond to the period 1949 through 1999 and were made ...

5. Cosmogenic nuclide data for bedrock samples from the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica [2005_FORD_RANGES_BEDROCK_UW_COSMOGENIC_NUCLIDE_DATA]
This data set consists of cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in samples from bedrock surfaces in the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica. These surfaces have been exposed by ice ...

6. Radio-Echo Sounding Database (RESPAC) [92347576317562]
The RESPAC package is intended to facilitate access to the digitised airborne radar sounding data currently held by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). It is a database of ice thickness and surface ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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