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1. Acadia National Park Vegetation Mapping Project - Accuracy Assessment Points [USGS_NPS_AcadiaAccuracy]
ABSTRACT: The U.S. Geological Survey Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC) has produced a vegetation spatial database coverage (vegetation map) for the Acadia National Park Vegetation ...

2. Mesa Verde National Park Vegetation Mapping Project - Spatial Vegetation Data [USGS_FORT_Mesa_Verda_NP_veg]
The Mesa Verde National Park Vegetation Map Database was developed as a primary product in the Mesa Verde National Park Vegetation Classification, Distribution, and Mapping project. The map database ...

3. San Diego GIS [San_GIS]
The SanGIS data set includes an extensive collection of GIS maps that are available to the public. Application Data Included: 1. Public Safety: Crime Mapping & Analysis, ...

4. Terrain and Vegetation of Imnavait Creek, AK: Classification and Mapping [ARCSS112]
Investigators classified typical and characterisic vegetation communities in an area in northern Alaska using Braun-Blanquet sorted table analysis, and mapped the communities using integrated geobotanical ...

5. CARPE - Global Area Coverage Continental Landcover Classification of Africa from AVHRR GAC Images, 1982-1987 [CARPE_allgac]   PARENT DIF
Vegetation Map of the Region derived from the AVHRR-Global Area Coverage (GAC) dataset from 1982-1987.

6. CARPE - Vegetation Map of Central Africa from AVHRR LAC and GAC Images used in CARPE Map [CARPE_smallcomb]   PARENT DIF
Landcover map of central Africa derived from LAC data for the Forest domain and GAC data for the savannas (1990's). MapScale is 1:500,000.

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