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1. Impacts of trawling on benthic habitats in the subantarctic and high Antarctic - 2009-2010 fieldwork [ASAC_1189_200910020]
This project aims to assess the vulnerability of and risks to habitats in Australian fisheries in the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)/Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ) of the Southern Ocean to ...

2. Pacific Shrimp Trawl Survey (OBIS Canada) [OBIS.PACSHRIMP]
OBIS version of shrimp trawl survey and commercial bycatch sampling data from 1953-2006. Survey data are collected by stock assessment staff during annual trawl surveys. Data includes catch of commercial ...

3. The Deepwater Program: Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope Habitat and Benthic Ecology - DgoMB [dgomb]
A research program has been initiated by the Minerals Management Service (Contract No. 1435-01-99-CT-30991) to gain better knowledge of the benthic communities of the deep Gulf of Mexico ...

4. NMML 1999 Bering Sea Shelf Cetacean Survey [seamap123]   PARENT DIF
Visual line-transect surveys for cetaceans were conducted in the central-eastern Bering Sea (CEBS) from 5 July to 5 August 1999, in association with a pollock stock assessment survey aboard the NOAA ...

5. Seamap Data - Live Bottom 1982-1999 [SEAMAP_LIVE_BOTTOM]
This data set consists of epibenthic organisms found in nets during trawls on the Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi continental shelf conducted as part of ...

6. Shellfish Landings: Massachusetts 1990 - 2001 [CZM_moris_shellfish_landings_poly]
These data were taken from the Division of Marine Fisheries' (DMF) Commercial Shellfish Landings Database with records from 1990-2001. The polygon vector data represents DMF's Statistical Reporting ...

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