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1. A Climate Change Atlas for 80 Forest Tree Species of the Eastern United States [spatial database], USDA-FS [USDA.FS.NRS.CCTreeAtlas]
(Adapted from Project Home Page) The purpose of this atlas is to highlight the status of the current forests of the United States, east of the 100th meridian. The authors present 80 common species ...

2. Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Experiment: FACTS II Rhinelander, WI CO2 Data [CDIAC_FACE_FACTS2_WISC]
The Aspen FACE (Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment) Experiment is a multidisciplinary study to assess the effects of increasing tropospheric ozone and carbon dioxide levels on aspen forest ecosystems. ...

3. Hotchkiss River Mixedwood Timber Harvesting Study, Alberta, Canada [Canada_CFS_HotchkissTimberWood]
The Hotchkiss River Mixedwood Timber Harvesting Study is a cooperative project involving Canadian Forest Service, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd., Manning Diversified Forest Products ...

4. Inventory and Monitoring Project, Vegetation Protocol, Denali National Park and Preserve [usgsbrdasc0011]
The location of the zone of transition between boreal forest and tundra, often referred to as treeline, has shifted in the past in response to climate change. Global warming is predicted ...

5. Shifts in Carbon Flux Between Plants and Soil Microorganisms [USDA0283]
The objective of this research is to quantify the flux of C and N in the plant-soil system, and to determine if increases in atmospheric CO2 alter the cycling of C and N within the soil. Forest tress ...

6. TreeGenes - A Forest Trees Genome Database [usda.AGIS.TreeGenes]
The TreeGenes database is an object-oriented database of forest tree genome mapping information. It contains genetic map information, images, and additional information for forest trees. Species ...

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