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1. Geology of the Long Range Inlier, Newfoundland, Canada [Canada_StMarysU_GeoLgRgeInlier]
In northwestern Newfoundland, Proterozoic basement exposed in the Long Range Inlier comprises three lithostratigraphic groupings: (1) a high grade gneiss complex; (2) Grenvillian granitic-charnockitic ...

2. 1:100,000 Bedrock Geology for Ireland [Bedrock_GSI]
This data set contains vector data with explicit topology of Irish bedrock geology holding separate vector coverages corresponding to stratigraphy, igneous, lithology, dolotomisation, ...

3. Accessory mineral behaviour during partial melting in the crust - improving the geochronology of granulite terrains. [ASAC_2690]
Metadata record for data expected ASAC Project 2690 See the link below for public details on this project. Relating ages, determined using the decay of radioactive elements in minerals, to geological ...

4. Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [waddington_0636996]
This record includes two datasets and accompanying code. The anisotropic flow dataset provides velocity and fabric evolution of anisotropic ice for several numerical experiments. The experiments ...

5. Beryllium in Antarctic Ultrahigh-Temperature Granulite-Facies Rocks and its Role in Partial Melting of the Lower Continental Crust [grew_OPP0087235]
Text: Geologic evolution of the Napier Complex began in the Early Archean (3800 Ma) prior to a regional ultrahigh temperature metamorphic event (up to 7-11 kbar, 1050-1120 degrees C) sometime ...

6. Collaborative Research: Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [pettit_0940650]
This award supports a project to constrain the accumulation rate, thickness, and temperature history for Siple Dome using a vertical velocity profile that includes the effects of an evolving fabric ...

7. Early Palaeozoic (~500 Ma) versus Neoproterozoic (~1000 Ma) metamorphism within the Vestfold Hills Archaean Craton [ASAC_1066]
ASAC project 1066 conducted Samarium-Neodymium isochron dating of recrystallised mafic dykes located in the SW perimeter of the Vestfold Hills. These dykes have experienced amphibolite-facies metamorphism, ...

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