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1. Environment and Water Quality Data Associated with Industrial Projects on Land and Offshore for the Northwest Territories - Canada [CANEMRCCRSNWTENVIRO]
This dataset includes site location and pollutant concentration. The pollutants identified are: heavy metals, major elements, microbiological characteristics, industrial pollutants, oils/hydrocarbons, ...

2. Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living [IUCN_CARING]
"Caring for the Earth" provides governments, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and individuals with information and guidance needed to develop ...

3. CensusCD: 1990 Census Data on a Single CD-ROM, GeoLytics Corporation [CensusCD1990]
The following information was abstracted from the CensusCD Webpage (""): CensusCD contains the entire US Census, over 1.3 billion demographics, with an easy to use yet powerful ...

4. Industry Value Added - Percent of GDP [geodata_0335]
Industry corresponds to ISIC divisions 10-45 and includes manufacturing (ISIC divisions 15-37). It comprises value added in mining, manufacturing (also reported as a separate subgroup), construction, ...

5. Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) Online Geospatial Database [SAMAB_SAA]
The Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) was a cooperative multi-agency effort to assess the environmental condition of the Southern Appalachian region. The SAA was described as the ecological equivalent ...

6. Trends in emissions of acidifying pollutants in Europe [EEA_ACID]
The Trends in emissions of acidifying pollutants (CLRTAP/EMEP) datasets provide data on anthropogenic emissions of acidifying pollutants (NH3, NOX, SO2) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies ...

7. Trends in emissions of ozone precursors (CLRTAP/EMEP) [EEA_CLRTAP_EMEP]
Data on anthropogenic emissions of ozone precursors (CO and NMVOC) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies to EEA and ETC/ACC. Data compiled and held by ETC/ACC are annual national total emissions ...

Showing 1 through 7 of 7
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