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1. Habitat Digitizer Extension [NOAA_HDE]
The Habitat Digitizer Extension is a GIS tool that was developed to delineate features by visually interpreting georeferenced images, and also to select attributes using a dialog containing a custom ...

2. The South Florida Ecosystem Portfolio Model [USGS_sFloridaPM]
There are intense development pressures in the lands outside of the Urban Development Boundary in Miami-Dade County, Florida, impacting both the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. On-going land ...

3. Arc Habitat Suitability Index Computer Software (ArcHSI) [USDA_FS_ArcHSI]
This user manual describes the Arc Habitat Suitability Index (ArcHSI), which is a geographical information system (GIS) model that estimates the ability of an area to meet the food and cover requirements ...

4. Global Environmental Flow Calculator [GEFC]
The Global Environmental Flow Calculator (GEFC) is a software package for desktop rapid assessment of Environmental Flows (EFs). The EF estimation technique in GEFC is using monthly time step series ...

5. Atlas of the Biosphere [SAGE_ATLAS]
The idea behind this website is simple: gather as much information about the environment as possible, and deliver it to as many people as possible. We are dedicated to bringing environmental information ...

6. MINOE - Software for Exploring Ocean Management for Ecosystems [MINOE]
MINOE is a new tool to help navigate existing laws and regulations (and associated agencies) in an ecosystem context. The tool allows users to construct (or import) an ecosystem model representing ...

7. European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model [ERSEM]
The European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model is a generic model that describes the pelagic and benthic ecosystems and the coupling between them. An excelent documentation of the internal building of ...

8. Habitat Priority Planner: A Planning Tool for Coastal Communities [NOAA_HPP]
The Habitat Priority Planner is a geographic information system (GIS)-based tool designed to help coastal officials make and prioritize decisions about habitat restoration and conservation. Using ...

9. Coleoptera, An Online Resource for Beetle Information and Identification [01-Beetle-Info-99]
(Summary adapted from the Scout Report Vol. 3, No. 7, December 8, 1999 and the Coeoptera WWW site) Roughly "one in four animals" on earth is a beetle. However, many species still remain undescribed. ...

10. Ecosystem Management Decision Support System [CFRC_EMDS]
The Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system is an application framework for knowledge-based decision support of ecological assessments at any geographic scale. The system integrates state-of-the-art ...

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