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1. U.S. Coastal Lidar Elevation Data - Including the Great Lakes and Territories, 1996 - present [gov.noaa.ngdc.USCoastalLidarElevationData]
The NOAA Coastal Services Center manages and distributes lidar data for the coastal United States, including territorial possessions via the Digital Coast ...

2. Scanned copies of documents and data from Australian, US and NZ Antarctic programs in the 1960's - includes biological, microbiological and medical data [recovered_docs_1960-1969_soucek]
A large number of documents created by Z. Soucek were scanned by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre and saved in pdf format. The documents comprise typed reports and papers, as well as a large ...

3. GOES Satellite Data - Sounder [gov.noaa.class.GVAR_SND]
ABSTRACT: The GOES Sounder measures emitted radiation in 18 thermal infrared bands that are sensitive to temperature, moisture, and ozone, and reflected solar radiation in one visible band. The "footprint" ...

4. GOES Satellite Data - Imager [gov.noaa.class.GVAR_IMG]
ABSTRACT: The GOES Imager is a five-channel (one visible, four infrared) imaging radiometer designed to sense radiant and solar reflected energy from sampled areas of the earth. GVAR is the data transmission ...

5. Nearshore Ocean Management Planning Area Boundary (NOMPAB) - Commonwealth of Massachusetts [CZM_moris_nompab]
This data set contains the nearshore boundary line, in ESRI shape file format, for the Ocean Management Planning Area pursuant to "An Act Relative to Oceans" for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ...

6. A Compilation of Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide Emission-Rate Data from Cook Inlet Volcanoes, Alaska During the Period from 1990 to 1994 [OFR_95-55]
This report contains all of the available daily sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emission rates from Cook Inlet volcanoes as determined by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) from March 1990 through ...

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