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1. Airborne Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (AMMR) Measurements Taken Onboard the NASA DC-8 During the TOGA COARE Intensive Observing Period [COARE_cm_dc8.ammr]
The NASA/TOGA COARE Data Archive The AMMR data are available from the NASA GSFC DAAC via ftp at ...

2. TRMM PR Level 2A21 product [ND01027]
Based on the 1B-21 radar received power, time and spatial average of ground surface scattering coefficient (Scattering Radar Cross Section of the surface) are calculated. If it's raining, Path Integrated ...

3. TRMM PR Level 2A25 product [ND01029]
Vertical profile of rain rate (R) calculated from TRMM/PR 1C21, 2A21 and 2A23.

4. TRMM PR Level 3H25 product [TRMM_PR_L3H25]
Latent heating, Q1-QR, and Q2 profiles derived from TRMM/PR 2H25. The spatial coverage is global with a single grid cell being 0.5deg x 0.5deg.

5. AfSIS Climate Collection: Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), January 2014 Release [CIESIN_AfSIS_CLIMATE_TRMM201401]
The Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS) Climate Collection's Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) data set contains rasters with the following calculations: time series average, time series ...

This data set consists of 1 degree x 1 degree gridded monthly burned area, fuel loads, combustion completeness, and fire emissions of carbon (C), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane ...

7. TRMM PR Level 1B21 product [ND01025]
In 1B-21 processing, the radar video signal digital count value is converted into a received power value as well as a noise level value in accordance with the algorithm (calibration of received power ...

8. TRMM PR Level 1C21 product [ND01026]
In 1C-21 processing, the dummy radar reflectivity factor (Z factor) including rain attenuation during a rainfall is calculated using the radar equation, from the already calibrated received power ...

9. TRMM PR Level 2A23 product [ND01028]
Rain/no rain flag, the rain type, The height of rainfall are calculated from TRMM/PR 1C21

10. TRMM PR Level 2H25 product [TRMM_PR_L2H25]
Latent heating, Q1-QR, and Q2 profiles derived from TRMM/PR 2A25.

11. TRMM PR Level 3A25 product [ND01030]
Monthly average of rain parameter at the height of 2, 4, 6, (10, 15) km in lon./lat. 5deg x 5deg and 0.5deg x 0.5deg region using TRMM/PR 1C21, 2A21, 2A23 and 2A25. (* 10,15km data are available only ...

12. TRMM PR Level 3A26 product [ND01031]
Monthly rainfall, rain rate averages, rain rate standard deviation and probability distribution function in 5deg x 5deg grid at three layers in the height of 2 km, 4 km and 6 km.

13. TRMM PR Level 3G25 product [TRMM_PR_L3G25]
Latent heating, Q1-QR, and Q2 profiles derived from TRMM/PR 2H25. The spatial coverage is one orbit with a single grid cell being 0.5deg x 0.5deg.

14. SAFARI 2000 TRMM 3B-43 MONTHLY PRECIPITATION, 1-DEG, 1999-2001 [s2k_trmm]
The purpose of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and TRMM Product 3B-43 is to provide a monthly, best-estimate precipitation rate and root-mean-square (RMS) precipitation error. These ...

15. Optical Transient Detector (OTD) Lightning Product [otdlip]
The Optical Transient Detector is a scientific payload on the Microlab-1 satellite, which was launched into orbit by a Pegasus rocket in April 3, 1995. The primary mission of the OTD ...

16. TRMM Kwajalein Experiment (KWJAEX) Quick-Look Data [NASA_ARC_KWAJEX]
The Kwajalein Experiment, KWAJEX, is part of the Tropical Rain Measurement Mission, TRMM, whose goals include providing Ground Validation, GV, for instruments onboard the TRMM satelite launched in ...

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