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1. Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements from Four NOAA/CMDL Monitoring Sites, in CDIAC, Trends '93 [CDIAC_AEROSOL_TRENDS93]
Measurements of direct solar irradiance have been carried out since 1977 at each of four baseline atmospheric monitoring stations operated by NOAA/CMDL. The four stations are at: ...

2. Atmospheric and Meteorological Data Over the Kuwait Oil Fires Taken From Aircraft [KUDA_AIRCRAFT]
Airborne studies of the smoke and pollution from the Kuwait oil fires were carried out in 1991 at the end of the Persian Gulf War. Over 600 oil wells, storage tanks, and refineries were ...

3. Cloud and Radiation Data from the NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory [OAR0095]
Dr. Eberhard and his associates are studying the information on clouds uniquely available from CO2 lidar, which operates in the 9-11 micrometer wavelength range. Techniques are being developed to ...

4. Ruby Lidar-Stratospheric Aerosol Data from the NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory [OAR0098]
This data set archives data gathered by a mobile Ruby lidar operated near Boulder, Colorado. Profiles of volume backscatter cross section are calculated from the raw data.

5. The National Solar Radiation Data Base (1961-1990) from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) via WWW [NREL_NCDC_NSRDB_WWW]
The NSRDB is a serially complete collection of hourly values of the three most common measurements of solar radiation (global horizontal, direct normal, and diffuse horizontal) over a period of time ...

6. Tropospheric and Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements [GKSS-Raman_Lidar]
The Raman_Lidar_Database contains Lidardata from about 150 measuring-nights (approx. 5 each month) at Geesthacht from August 1991 to March 1994. For each event absorption- and extinction-coefficients ...

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