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1. CIESIN National Human Development Report Data Catalog [CIESIN_SEDAC_NHDRDC]
The CIESIN National Human Development Report Data Catalog contains summary of 52 National Human Development Report (NHDR) that are a subset of the 136 that has been completed to date in association ...

2. Global Atlas of Infectious Diseases [WHO_GlobalAtlas]
In a single electronic platform, the WHO's Communicable Disease Global Atlas is bringing together for analysis and comparison standardized data and statistics for infectious ...

3. Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) Population Estimation Service [CIESIN_SEDAC_POPEST_SERVICE]
The Population Estimation Service is a Web-based service for estimating population totals and related statistics within a user-defined region. It enables users of a wide variety of map clients and ...

4. RAMAS EcoLab with Conservation Biology [RAMAS_consbio]
This set of 14 labs is designed as a teaching tool for introductory undergraduate or high school environmental or ecological laboratory courses. The lab manual contains background information and ...

5. CIESIN Thematic Guides: Social Science Applications of Remote Sensing [CIESIN_SEDAC_TG_SSAPP_RS]
The Guide to Social Science Applications of Remote Sensing provides an introduction to remote sensing to non-specialists and social scientists. It highlights the advantages of remotely sensed data ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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