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1. Alternative Tillage and Cropping Strategies for Subtropical Conditions [USDA.ARS.SARC.IFNRRU.AltTill]
(adapted from project summary) Problems: Subtropical growing conditions and the use of intensive plow tillage in South Texas promotes a net loss of soil carbon and plant nutrients. These losses ...

2. Carbon Storage in the 'Old Rotation 'Long-Term Cotton Experiment [USDA.ARS.NSDL.LongTermCotton]
(Adapted from project abstract) PROBLEMS: 1. Conventional tillage continuous cotton production severely depletes soil carbon and degrades the soil. 2. There is a paucity of data related to long-term ...

3. Effect of tillage system on growth, maturity and yield of corn and soybean [PU.Agronomy.TillageSystem]
This experiment was initiated in 1976. In the previous years (1955-1975), the site had corn/soybean production with annual moldboard ploughing. It is estimated that between 1880-1955 ...

4. Effects of Nutrient Transport in Cropping Systems in Environmental Quality and Fertilizer Efficiency [USDA0519]
The purpose of "Effects of Nutrient Transport in Cropping Systems in Environmental Quality and Fertilizer Efficiency" is to assess dynamic nitrogen (N) transport in high-residue conservation-tilled ...

5. Farming Systems for Soil Quality and Economic Sustainability [USDA.ARS.NSDL.FarmSyst]
1. Climatic conditions in subtropical and warm temperate regions make it difficult to increase soil carbon storage, given current cropping practices coupled with the use of conventional tillage. ...

6. Transport of Sediment-borne Carbon with Different Tillage Practices, USDA-ARS-NAEW [USDA.ARS.NAEWRU.SedimentC]
(adapted from project decription) Problems: Tillage practices impact the movement of sediment within and from watersheds. How do conservation tillage practices influence the movement of carbon attached ...

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