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1. Inter-disciplinary Forest Ecosystem Research (InFER), Newfoundland, Canada [Canada_CFS_InFER-Nfld]
The Inter-disciplinary Forest Ecosystem Research (InFER) project was established in 1993 to determine the effects of harvesting and silvicultural practices on boreal forest ecosystems. The inter-disciplinary ...

2. Carbon Storage Related to Land Use Management: Analysis of Sediment Collected from Watersheds with Various Land Uses. [USDA.ARS.NAEW.CStoreLandMngt]
(adapted from project summary) Problems: Carbon in soils varies quantitatively and with depth depending on theland use management. Some management practices allow for considerable sequestration and ...

3. Developing Rapid Instrumental Methods for Measurement of Soil Quality Parameters [USDA.ARS.NRI.ECL.RapidMeasure]
(adapted from project description) Problem: The need to assess impact of conventional and sustainable agricultural practices on soil quality requires development of routine procedures that can rapidly ...

4. Influence of Tillage Management on Soil Quality and Fate of Agricultural Nitrogen [USDA.ARS.NRI.ECL.TillMngt]
(adapted from project description) Problem: The use of no-tillage cropping systems has increased as their advantages in sustainable crop production have been documented. This includes better maintenance ...

5. Mineralization of Organic Nitrogen in Soil Under Plow and No-tillage Management [USDA.ARS.NRI.ECL.MinOrgN]
(adapted from Project summary) Problem: Cultivation of soils has caused large decreases in content of soil organic matter and this has raised concerns about sustainble use of agricultural lands ...

6. Transport of Sediment-borne Carbon with Different Tillage Practices, USDA-ARS-NAEW [USDA.ARS.NAEWRU.SedimentC]
(adapted from project decription) Problems: Tillage practices impact the movement of sediment within and from watersheds. How do conservation tillage practices influence the movement of carbon attached ...

7. NPP Multi-Biome: VAST Calibration Data, 1965-1998, R1 [NPP_VAST]
This data set contains one ASCII file (.csv format) that provides observation data from Australia for use in parameterizing the VAST (Vegetation and Soil-carbon Transfer) Model (version 1.1). The ...

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