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1. Coastal and Offshore Marine Forecast Zones [WSOM_COMFZ]
This service from the NOAA/NWS office of Science and Technology provides polygons for Coastal and Offshore Marine Zones for the United States including the Great Lakes. The primary use ...

2. Lake Level Viewer [NOAA_llv]
This tool helps users visualize lake level changes that range from six feet above to six feet below historical long-term average water levels in the Great Lakes, along with potential shoreline and ...

3. Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Tributary Database and Geographic Information System (GIS) [FWS_tribdata]
The Great Lakes lake sturgeon tributary database and Geographic Information System (GIS) application and metadatabase have been designed to compile the available lake sturgeon data sources to help ...

4. Great Lakes Weather and Climate Learning Activity [SSEC_SOSE_GLWX]
This set of tutorials explores the use of remote sensing data to monitor Great Lakes Weather and Climate. The entire basin experiences four distinct seasons each year, readily observed by satellite ...

5. LandView [LandView]
LandView uses MapServer to view lakes, streams, rivers, public land survey, state parks, scientific and natural areas, roads, and cities for the state of Minnesota. LandView allows users to have ...

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