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1. Metropolitan East Coast (MEC) Education Module [CIESIN_MEC_EDUC_MODULE]
The Metropolitan East Coast (MEC) Education Module is a package of GIS software, datasets and lesson plans designed for educators who are interested in using GIS technology to explore global climate ...

2. NCAR Community Climate System Model 4.0 (CCSM4.0) [NCAR_MODEL_CCSM3]
The Community Climate System Model (CCSM) is a coupled climate model for simulating the earth's climate system. Composed of four separate models simultaneously simulating the earth's atmosphere, ocean, ...

3. Climate Predictability Tool [COLUMBIA_IRI_CPT]
The Climate Predictability Tool (CPT) provides a Windows package for constructing a seasonal climate forecast model, performing model validation, and producing forecasts given updated data. Its design ...

4. Earth System Curator [ESC]
The Earth System Curator team is prototyping a software environment for assembling, running, and archiving information about climate models. The idea is to make it easier for scientists to perform ...

5. OzClim - Exploring Climate Change Scenarios for Australia [CSIRO_OzClim]
OzClim is a climate scenario generator for Australia that simplifies the process of calculating future climate change for application to impact models. It is a PC-based software tool developed by ...

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