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1. Carbon Storage Related to Land Use Management: Analysis of Sediment Collected from Watersheds with Various Land Uses. [USDA.ARS.NAEW.CStoreLandMngt]
(adapted from project summary) Problems: Carbon in soils varies quantitatively and with depth depending on theland use management. Some management practices allow for considerable sequestration and ...

2. Precipitation Over a 1,000 Acre Area - East Central Ohio [USDA0091]
Research on watershed hydrology (water quality, surface water, and ground water). Collection Organization: USDA-ARS Collection Methodology: Standard: weighing bucket gauges. Collection Frequency: ...

3. Transport of Sediment-borne Carbon with Different Tillage Practices, USDA-ARS-NAEW [USDA.ARS.NAEWRU.SedimentC]
(adapted from project decription) Problems: Tillage practices impact the movement of sediment within and from watersheds. How do conservation tillage practices influence the movement of carbon attached ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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